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July 14th, 2007

01:12 pm - It begins...
Well, I finally got the website up and working (hopefully with the right sized text now)...o.O'


It's called Wayfairer.  Check it out if you're really bored or something...
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July 11th, 2007

12:50 pm - So, there was this thing, right?

Bah, my holidays are almost over.

They started off well.  I went and saw Transformers.  OMG!  Awesomeness!  It's a week and half later and I'm still spechless and grinning my head off like a ninny when I think about it.

Planning to replace it with Harry Potter this weekend. =P

I went shopping nuts.  I love having a steady income.  XD

Have nearly (nearly!) finsihed my website.  I promised Caith the other day that I would have it ready by Tuesday...but the art on two of the pages is giving me such a hard time...stupid perspectives...Still, the rest of the site is ready and rearing to go.

Found my Diploma the other day (meaning I cleaned my room).  I really should get my awards framed...then I can look all smart and stuff.  And start putting 'BSc. Dip. Ed'  after my name -.-'

Some times I wonder if have to much manga.  I think I have about 20 different series now.   That's a lot.  Maybe the idea Mai and I had of opening a manga cafe isn't that far off after all...


Woot for all over the place random journal entries!

No more year 7 class this term!  *dances*

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June 5th, 2007

07:40 pm - When your hands shake so badly that you can't type

Expected 'Pirates' post: Squee! I liked it - thought it had a good ending. Bits of it were weird but it was the third movie and no-one really expects the world of those. =P

Stuff I have been doing: 

  • Teaching...yup that's it. Currently I'm trying to write my very first set of reports. I hate them already! I finally took a day off work...I had too cause I was sick, and what did I do?  I wrote the mid-year exam, did reports and corrected assignments...so much for being sick.
  • Counting down the days til the holidays...I do that a lot lately.
  • Began new manga.  Whether it will get off the ground (or past the first chapter) depends on how quickly I become bored with it...or how much time I have to spend on it - which isn't much at the minute.  It's looking good so far.  It has a title (always a plus) and the two main characters sorted out.  Their respective interests have occupations and will appear but I haven't done the sketches for them yet.  I have also worked out some kind of a setting and a minor plot point which will pop up now and again.  Now all I have to do is find them an adventure and some kind of endearing side-kick.  Transport was a given.
  • Playing Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII, Dirge of Cerberus and Kingdom Hearts II religiously.  It does wonders after listening to students all day if you can go home and knock the stuffing out of something with a giant key.  XD
  • Gloating on the inside about how Star is gonna love me for point three.

Stuff to do:

  • Relearn Hiragana...buy book 1 so that currently owned book 2 makes some sense.  >.<
  • Write up lesson plans for next two terms.
  • Do everything on my previous TO DO lists that I haven't aready done - like finishing art and fanfictions...and RPG posts...
  • Find a holiday...
  • Print of  Phantom of the Opera theatre tickets.
  • Go see Tales From Earthsea before it disappears from cinema screens next Sunday.

Other than all of that, I'm just really tired and suffering from a severe lack of anime.  You know you are when you hang out for your students to start talking about what happened on Naruto that morning...don't look at me like that...

Found a new piece of Zarbon art done by Sir Crocodile over on DeviantArt.  It is full of squee-ness and so is now adorning my desktop.  Yum.

And I'm suffering from lack of friends too...full time work sucks!  Except for the money.  That's great!  XD

Until next time!   *waves*


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March 18th, 2007

12:17 pm - All is right with the world.
At least, it is NOW!

I have done it. I did it and it is done.

I bought a NEW CAR! XD

Good-bye my old bomb, I love you dearly but you are a piece of s**t.

The new car is a Mazda 2 Maxx + safety pack. That's nearly top of the range for that model, the only difference being that it doesn't have the side skirts or fog lamps...and what the hell do I need those for? XD

I can't wait til I get my loan so that I can go pick her up! Which probably won't be for two weeks (when the holidays kick in) cause I just don't have the time. But the deposit is down and so she is mine! haha!

Took this quiz cause I felt like it. I'm an Aries, which is a fire sign so it's interesting to see what I got as a Chinese element. I got Earth. There's some truth to what it says...apart from the bit about having a stable temper. I can keep my cool with some things and with others I just go right off. I also get too overly excited about certain topics. I suppose that that's my fire sign shining through. =P

gURL.comI took the "Chinese Elements" quiz on gURL.com
I am...

The ancient Yin-Yang scholars saw earth types as pretty family-oriented. Also, they are generally trusted by their friends and, being very reliable and responsible, rarely disappoint them. Earth people like to invite friends over for low-key activities like watching movies or just to hang out. Read more...

What chinese element are you?

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March 7th, 2007

10:01 pm - Someone remind me why I chose to do this?
Six weeks in and I'm dead tired.

Not that I'm surprised about that though. Teaching is HARD. Despite what the majority of the world seems to think about the profession. As a graduate I have one hour less to teach than a fully qualified teacher. Unfortunately I am the only one in my area that is actually on a full load. All the others work less hours than me - even the team leader, who had time allocated for planning.

Excuse me - I just like to whinge.

Apparently they're trying to get one of my classes dropped from my timetable cause I have to take up another with my homegroup. This has been the best news I have heard all week - that particular class gives me the most grief.

Add that to the fact that my car refused to start this morning and so I was running very late - it was just icing on the cake to a bad few days.

I will be car shopping this weekend - for something a little closer to the recent year rather than 1985, which may have soemthing to do with why it's started to pack it in. -.-'

Can't wait til next week - only four days (Monday is the Labour Day holiday) and the week after is four days too (Friday off because of curriculum planning), then the week after we have an excursion (I get to go to the museum!) so that won't be too bad either. And then two weeks of Easter holidays.

And sleep!

It's hard to go from bum uni student who sleeps most of the day away to someone who has to be in a car and driving at 7.30 in the morning. Well....for me anyway. =P

Three weeks and two days to go...
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January 20th, 2007

05:08 am - Karete returns!
Well, here I am all fresh and spritely from Hong Kong. Well, not really. I haven't slept in 36 hours, plane rides are uncomfortable horrors for someone my height and the undoubtable fear that this will be the time the plane falls out of the sky. (We landed back here on one wheel! One!).

But all is well and the food I brought back was not as 'dangerous' as I thought (but I had to throw out the ovaltine...go figure).

So yes I am alive and I have much stuff bought at what i consider extremely discount prices. But I am happy to be home, where my family, my phone and my computer are...not to mention my books and the heat ( yay!).

Will post a more detailed account when I don't feel like face planting into my keyboard. =P

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December 16th, 2006

11:05 am - 'Tis the Season
Jumping on the bandwagon.

my xmas stockingCollapse )

Laughably one of my presents I got from a student today was stockings. Not that they aren't useful but...o.O'

Heh. Countdown...10 days to go! (to my trip not Christams =P)

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December 13th, 2006

03:07 pm - Unreasonable people
I dislike unreasonable people with a passion. And I came across a great one at work the other day.

RantCollapse )

I'm still sore about it.

*sigh* On to other things.

The Passion Concert for Eminence was good. I actually ended up being the Production manager for Melbourne. Which is not what it says in the program because when it went to print I was still Assistant Ticketing...on the next one I'm changing it to Merchandise Officer because that really is what I do all the time. They're back in April for 'A Night in Fantasia 2007 - Symphonic Games Edition' and then later for the 'Symphonic Anime Edition'.

I won't have to do as much work as I did this time cause I'll be working my full time teaching job by then.

I also bought Yasunori Mitsuda's KiRite CD and Sailing the World Piano score. Which is great because they cost heaps to ship here (I got a discount) AND Mitsuda-sa signed my CD! (Plus he shook my hand when I went t pick him and the other musicians up at the airport =D). Poor man had to spend an hour cramped inside my bomb of a car...

Christmas is coming! *squee* And I have actually managed to get some of my shopping done! This is unheard of two weeks beforehand. I am a freak this year. XD

And only 12 days before I leave for Hong Kong. I'm thinking about starting a new blog for all my travelling needs. Plus I know it'll get there before I get home. =P
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November 19th, 2006

04:29 am - Bloggy thing
"Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs. This explanation should be included."

1) I've GOT to start reading these damn books that I keep buying. <--copied off springinstep because I have the same problem...=P

2) It's getting to the point where I need a separate room to keep all my books in.

3) I'll finally become part of the 'Full-time' working world as of 30th January next year.

4) It's been seven months since my last haircut. Somehow I just never find the time. Either that or I'm lazy.

5) I have 461 CDs in my room that don't belong to me. They take up so much space! *cries*

6) If I'm playing a fic scene in my head, I'll start to mumble what the characters are saying and twitch my body to their movements without realising at first. <-- again nicked from springinstep because I'm lazy...cept I don't tend to do this in public...o.O'

Okay so I tag...


...sha...thats it...I don't have six people! *cries again* (that would appritiate this blg thingy anyway)
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October 17th, 2006

07:35 am - Uh, when did life fall into my lap?
I got a job.

That was yesterday. I'm still stunned. I thought I'd screwed up that interview bigtime.

Not only did I get it but as a Graduate Student I also secured an ongoing position - I never have to reapply if I don't want to...that hardly ever happens.


I still have a week of my final placement left and two weeks of classes plus three assingments - I'm not even qualified yet! HA HA!

So my life suddenly turned around and said "well I havent really been putting in the effort - I'll reward you now for putting up with me". In the last week I got a new computer, a new job and have managed to save enough for my trip to Hong Kong.


That means after classes finish I can actually have a holiday. *joy*
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